Entry Details



  1. Commercial Office Development
  2. Corporate Office Development
  3. Industrial Development
  4. Innovative Award
  5. Interiors Award
  6. International Development
  7. Mixed-use Development
  8. Other Developments
  9. Refurbishments
  10. Residential Developments
  11. Retail Developments - Large Regional Mall (More than 25,000m²)
  12. Retail Developments - Small Boutique (Less than 25,000m²)
  13. Rural & Small-town Development
  14. Student Accommodation

Judging Criteria

  1. Economic and financial considerations (Weighting: 20)
  2. Design Concept (Weighting: 15)
  3. Functionality / Fit for Purpose / Impact (Weighting: 7)
  4. Facilities / User Satisfaction (Weighting: 7)
  5. Tenant Covernance (Weighting: 6)
  6. Environmentally sustainable design (Weighting: 10)
  7. Social transformation (Weighting: 10)
  8. Overall impact (Weighting: 25)
Judging Criteria

Overall Awards

The following overall awards will be evaluated for all entries submitted

- Transformation Award
- Heritage Award
- Sustainability Award
- Innovative Award

Judges reserve the right to move submissions
between categories.

Rules & Regulations

  • Please note that the closing date for entries is 09 MAY 2024.
  • The panel of judges will evaluate all submissions in a first-round elimination process to select finalists in each category based on information as submitted via the online submission
  • A second round of judging will be site visits only to identified projects if it is necessary.
  • Major significant re-development or re-furbished projects qualify as projects.
  • The application and submission may be made by any SAPOA member associated with the project and/or system, with the consent of the owner of the property
  • The trophy/trophies and certificate/s will be presented to the SAPOA member applicant or his nominee who have entered the project – only 2 representatives per company will be permitted to accept such at the Annual SAPOA Convention taking place from 03 - 05 September 2024 at Sun City.

Previous Winners